After many years spent in olfactory creation, this "collaboration" is above all a human story, of exchanges and flair ~ A privileged collaboration that results in a common vision and a particular interest in noble essences.


"The Enchantress"
Her creations are a reflection of his person; a subtle enigmatic softness that recalls this precision of the chords that we take pleasure in rediscovering ~ This a methodical enchantress.

When technique and charm come together around an exceptional fragrance; Angéline Leporini is proof that efficiency and soul coexist in harmony.
Thank you, Angéline


“The Iberian's boldness”
For more than 30 years, Belèn has been nourished by the perfumery industry.

This environment is her personal sanctuary; the place she considers like  a refuge or a protection; the place where she rises, experiments with new raw materials or produces new unthinkable combinations.
Thank you, Belén


"The olfactory's spark"
A delicately poetic perfumer who draws us into a creative and oneiric ~ It is a modern and delicate woman that we were looking for through her fragrance entitled, “Châtiment”.
She conquered us as much by her reserve as by her art ~ It's a soothing burst of emotion.
Thank you, Camille

Dominique Preyssas

"The Extraordinary's Technician"
A greedy and intuitive, he knows his job, nothing escapes him ~ He is the technician of the senses. He loves challenges and humbly affirms his attachment to beautiful materials.

Perfumer of genius without frills, in a few words he knew how to appropriate our inspirations ~ We had the chance to develop several of our olfactory signatures, notably, "Bois Sacré".
Thank you, Dominique

Eric Fracapane

“The atypical's perfumer”
Passionate about nature, sport and the beauty of individuals, Éric is inspired by everything that arouses in him a feeling of curiosity.

Its olfactory signature is often a harmony between traditional French perfumery, inspired by its Provençal roots (Grasse) and Middle Eastern perfumery.

Like this dynamic and eloquent character, “Ecaille d’Orient” is one of those olfactory successes whose mysticism never ceases to seduce us.
Thank you, Éric

Isabel Gil Trujillo

“The poetry of chords”
I am convinced that scents and smells are a means of communication; perfumery is a poetry that knows how to move; fragrances have the ability to reveal feelings and create « bien-être ».

When I develop a perfume, my goal is to convey emotional messages of beauty and harmony ~ Perfumery is a complex language that I like to discover more every day.
Thank you, Isabel


“Multiple Future”
Fascinated by the cultures and flavors of the Middle East and Asia In many ways, Olaf is a multicultural melting pot that is clearly a gift and a strength for a perfumer.

His favorite olfactory family is that of the scents of the Middle East, which he likes to associate with the musky and animal smell of ambergris These creations inspire and reveal in us the attitude that we wish to appropriate.

Olaf Larsen, senior perfumer, has been awarded “Perfumer of the Year 2021” in the second edition of the Beautyworld Middle East Awards od Dubai. 

Thank you, Olaf


“The senses's relief”
He is undoubtedly a communicator who likes to share his experience of musky, powdery and gourmet notes.
A harmony of styles that pushes him to easily democratize gender norms ~ He is one of those artists who modernize “classic” Haute Parfumerie into something more “contemporary”; listening to others. His talent captivates us and is called, “Fleur Orpheline”.
Thank you, Pierre


“The music's lover”
"Be. Live. Feel." Is the mantra of this fascinating perfumer ~ She walks us and transports us into a most daring olfactory symphony.
These hybrid notes invite us to rediscover the world and these plants ~ A charismatic traveler who thirsts for immersion and culture with whom we had the pleasure of developing this exotic ELIXIR entitled, “Brume d'Ivoire”.

Thanks, Sarah