• Élixir Privé, is a Parsian confidential perfume workshop, created in 2020.

    Our olfactory proposal is not a competitive offer but rather a desire to make quality accessible.

    Our intention is to offer assertive, creative and high perfumery olfactory signatures.

  • Each fragrance is distinguished by its personality, its roots and its need to exist ~ From this personality springs "a raison d'être", a language that arouses the interest of people "in tune" with this olfactory narrative.

    All our scents are closely elaborated by exceptional French and European perfumers ~ XP, wishes to focus more on spontaneity and let affect be the wake of our creations.

  • XP perfumes are developed by the largest Maisons de Compositions in the French and European perfume industry.

    They are composed of more than 85% natural (beet alcohol) and certified by the "Cruelty-Free" label and by the "EVE VEGAN®" certification in accordance with the "Vegan" standard approved in Europe.

    Our raw materials are selected for their qualities and for their ethics (IFRA & CE standards).

  • All of our perfumes/packaging are packaged in the capital of "Light and Perfume" in Eure-et-Loire (France).

    Exclusively made of recyclable paper and cardboard; our rectangular cases are screen-printed (convex) delicately matching the lines of our versatile and refined glass bottles.

    Our high quality glossy white zinc covers are magnetized and also screen printed (concave); as well as the pump cover in glossy black aluminum and magnetized ~ All of our boxes are covered with a transparent protective sleeve (retractable sleeve).

  • Custom adhesive labels; configured to resist the alcohol in the perfume and the ambient humidity.

    100% French, the raw materials used are also of high quality & respectful of the environment (eco-responsible commitments and ISO 9001 certification).

    Our workshop is concerned by the ecological infrastructures put in place to produce them.