Starting point of our collection ~ It is our "Parisian" fragrance, in reference to the metro station, "Barbès-Rochechouart" ~ Plural district constantly in effervescence ~ This perfume, just like its predecessor, has for inspiration, a resistance which is opposed ~ La Mandarine, as for it, it does not refer in any way to a dominant olfactory note but rather as to a symbol of abundance.

    Subtil and sly, BARBÉS MANDARINE, is first and foremost a story of white musks and fresh "creamy" notes.
    Scent segmenting, with an oriental wake, warm and sentry; the soul of this fragrance is resolutely contemporary or even hybrid so much for its originality.
    Translucent white, synonymous of purity and spirituality; its only reality of existing is to transcend vision through smell.
    Member of the family, "musky woody floral"; apart from its dominant musky character, BARBÈS MANDARINE is also an alliance of bergamot nectar, orange blossoms and a harmonious floral bouquet of rose, lys, neroli and neroli.

    BARBÈS MANDARINE, is a non-gender, oil-like and excellent skin resistance.
  • HEAD
    Orange Flower, Bergamot

    Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Lys, Neroli

    White Musks, Fonka Bean and White Patchouli.

  • Cruelty free
  • https://elixirprive.com/en/products/babel-oud
  • Hypoallergenic
  • +85% natural
  • Made in France
  • Lab tested