Born from the story of a remarkable fruitiness that inspired reflections on the origin of the diversity of languages, the power of collective effort, the human pride of a modern civilization and the totalization of knowledge ~ It is the metaphor of a revisited oriental elegance of which Oudh's wood is the noble material of this smear.
    Racy and powerful, BABEL OUD, does not compromise; without nuance it emphasizes its wooded/rosé and spice attributes.

    A contemporary inspiration of what the Mesopotamian air was, where modern civilization transcended; nerve center of mystical pride, tinted with floral curiosity and wooded ecstasy.
    "Gourmand Red"; synonymous of power, divin and opulence.
    Member of the "floral woody" class ~ It is a captivating fragrance perfectly evoking the strength of the Orient.

    BABEL OUD is a frantic, atypical, and narcotic fragrance ~ A scent that will undoubtedly appeal to the adepts of "oudh" a FORT aract.
  • HEAD
    Cardamome, Ginger of Nigeria, Bergamot, Orange of Brazil, Clove of India, Violet Blossom

    Rose of Bulgaria, Ambrette seed, Cypriol of India

    Oudh, Moroccan Atlas cedar, Paraguay's Gaiac Wood, Ambregris, Labdanum, Leather, Amyris of Australia and Patchouli of Indonesia.

  • Cruelty free
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  • Hypoallergenic
  • https://www.fragrantica.fr/perfumers/Dominique_Preyssas.html
  • Made in France
  • Lab tested